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I have used Wish for over a year and have purchased 600 items. When I make a purchase, I use a prepaid credit card with the same card number each time.

I have had one complaint that I have sent to Customer Service. I was kind in my initial letter. Without any warning my account has been blocked until I give the company a copy of my bank statement. I do not pay with a card connected to my bank in any manner.

I cannot get an answer about this. All the company does is repeat what I have asked. If I do not receive a reasonable answer by Christmas, I will request a fraud investigation with every organization available and will upload my communications with Wish on Facebook and warn people from using the company.

They do not have a number that reaches a human. I am not the only person with this story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Im going through it too.ive been with them for a few years now.and spent over 3.000 with them.the last time i ordered shoes and other things they tried to charge me for shoes and other things i didn't received.they said was delivered. Im not paying for things i didn't get. Now i can't check out.


Same thing with me. Some thief or a wish employee started using my credit card to make purchases and send to another country. I used to love wish, now I don't trust them.


What a joke this site is same thing for me they want bank statement flipping stupid


They are doing this to me too


The same thing has happened today they are asking for a bank statement and have already taken the money from my bank account

to Anonymous #1609136

This happened to me today! Did you get your money back??


No, you are not the only person with issue. They have refunded (on their own) my last three orders, except one or two items (??!??).

Their loss in the long run. One was for $160.

Like you, didn't use my bank account. Fat chance they will get that info.


I have encountered same exact issue today

to Shawn #1606062

Me too. Done with wish!


I have ordered many items on this site and was just finr until i got a dud item. I complained hoping to send it back and get the real item purchased but instead they just refunded me the cost of the item and the shipping.

It happened in a day! Now i get this, cant purchase until i send a photo of bank statement. I sent them a photo of my paypal transactions with no personal info and they sent me a copy of my message to them.

Wtf? Do they WANT me as a customer or not?


I don't use a bank credit card but they did the same to us


The same has happened to me, exact same messages and and no help from wish support at all. Have not received any communication about some of my orders as if they were even received but I was sure charged for them.

Going to contact Ore.

Attorney General. Claire


I gave them my bank statement but scribbled over the private stuff. After that my account was unblocked for excessive refunds, now I'm back to regular shopping.


Has anyone sent them their bank statement? What happened?

to Jack #1615573

Heck No!! I will never send them my bank statement!

That's a red flag for me!! Pls people do not EVER give out your bank statement! They got your credit card number, that's all they need to pay for your puchases. I haven't received my orders that I've been waiting for ETA Dec 14- 16, it is now Dec 19.

I'm going to check my credit card and see if they charged my purchases. If WISH did, going to report them and hopefully get my money back!


The same happened to me ..they refunded my money back into my account with out posting my order unless I send them my bank statement I cant understand why the *** they want my bank statement for before the send out what Ive ordered and yet I have ordered product before Anyone else had their money returned to them and wont posted out order unless you send in your bank statement..more likely a bunch of scammers


I'm having this exact issue with wish!


Me too! They have done the same thing to me


I used my credit card and they want my bank statement why???


I want to know also. Why do you need a copy of my bank statement

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