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I have used Wish for over a year and have purchased 600 items. When I make a purchase, I use a prepaid credit card with the same card number each time.

I have had one complaint that I have sent to Customer Service. I was kind in my initial letter. Without any warning my account has been blocked until I give the company a copy of my bank statement. I do not pay with a card connected to my bank in any manner.

I cannot get an answer about this. All the company does is repeat what I have asked. If I do not receive a reasonable answer by Christmas, I will request a fraud investigation with every organization available and will upload my communications with Wish on Facebook and warn people from using the company.

They do not have a number that reaches a human. I am not the only person with this story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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to Vadslayer #1523290

Can't you use pay pal? They will resolve this issue.

to Melanie Gomez #1540945

Even the PayPal is not working


I have the same problem with wish i never been asked for a bank statement ever ive been a goid customer for couple of yrs really annoyed


I have had the very same experience. I have written to detailed letters to customer service and have ads no replies.

I am extremely upset as I notified them when I joined I was disabled and unable to take a photographs. I explained my disability and why and they were happy to accept me and my money for all the transactions I have had. then all of a sudden out of the blue I get this demand for my bank statement, a photo of it. I learn them that I am blocked on wish until I provide this and nothing more will happen.

I am extremely distressed and upset by this and feel something is not right here. I have never had any trouble paying and I'm shocked at this. my bank has advised me not to send my bank statement to anyone and that was my thinking from the outset. now I am in the position of being able to contact no one or move on.

I feel totally controlled by wish and have no access to any voice. I strongly feel that we need to join our voices as individually wish are just ignoring us.


This just happened to me. I noticed it when someone (no idea who) used my card to buy a $300 refurbished tv from wish.


I am the samething happened to wish ask me to take a picture of my bank statement and send to them i don't understand why i have no problems before.they also say i will not get them until may or june why is that they have been taken off my bank card.if i have got to go and talk to sameone about this i will i am going to find out one way other.


Wish ask me for a photo of my bank statement but when I do a screen shot it is not going through so I can't pay for any items my phone #is 244-6179 need this problem solve ASAP

to Harcourt callender #1470028



Yes I'm having the same problem For the third time I'm so frustrated !!!! I don't know what to do


That is exactly whats happening to me. I hate because i like the stuff.

I use a credit card because it has a limit. I also do nothing connected to my bank. So really per their request i sent them a copy of credit card statement which is a bank.

I dont get it either. Im waiting to hear from them but same problem...same repeating email and no himan contact.


I just had the same experience. I had ordered a few items (not as many as you) and one item was defective.

I contacted support and they promptly issued me a refund on the item and the shipping. Next time I tried to order I got a message asking for a photo of my bank statement showing a recent Wish purchase. I didn't really want to do that but decided to try. There was no way to upload a photo from my phone.

I again contacted support and I got a nonsensical response that just said:

"Thank you for contacting Wish. Due to company policy, we will not be able to remove the block from your account at this time.

If you need assistance with any of your current orders, please provide the following for each item:

The Transaction #

The Name of the item

A photo of the item if you have received it The issue you're having Wish Customer Support Team www.wish.com/help" Apparently they don't like t when they have to give you a refund.

to Katie #1471723

I'm having the same problem I don't know what to do now any advice


I Had ordered a Fashion womens 925 sterling silver,black sapphire and white topaz gemstone ring. Size 6 and I had ordered other rings and they came in 2 weeks earlier, so on the order sheet it said that this one was delivered Friday 12- 15-2017 . But I didn't get it I'm just wondering what happened to it and where did it go?????

to Marla Murr #1531637

Same thing happened to me, Marla. I ordered a large male up box that said I received it but never did.

I've been ordering a lot of their products, 100s for thevpast year. I got the message my account was blocked, confirm email and copy of bank statements and they said they'd get me shopping in bio time.

I can't even count the emails back and forth today with only one reply and I'm still blocked. Wish is a loading


When you call wish can you not talk to a real person?? Thanks.

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