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Please would you send me the head office telephone number for ‘Wish’.

I am truly not under any impression that I will get a response, as your company staff and management are as thick as THIEVES, and are both benefiting from the ‘WISH SCAM’.

We are doing an international article on online purchases and the white collar crime that is so rampant in this industry.

Wish has been singled out as being the best example of online (legitimate theft), and the article all media platforms around the world are going to be working together on this article.

1)Wish does not have any direct contact available to its customers. ( first point that convinces that there is intent on taking money with no intent on distributing any goods.

2)Out of 200 people, in 12 countries, wish has fulfilled their obligation to an absurd 4 people that actually received there order, 6 people received a refund. Leaving 188 people that were duped out of their money by wish.

3)Wish is the only online store that accepts payment for a product knowing fully well that there is no postal service that will confirm delivery or make deliveries in certain countries, yet persist in taking money from people that they know cannot query (as per point 1), and therefore it is a fraudulent transaction in any countries laws.

We have as a project placed and paid for number of unsuccessful orders with ‘Wish’, which has proved a point to the Group of tech reporters that are now finally running with this story, that it is not an illusion that wish does NOT deliver and that the CEO Peter Szulczewski, is floating around the world on yachts paid for by fraudulent business methods. The article will call for a 1000 strong petition to be signed and opening the way for a class action law suite against Wish the company and all staff members that have been found to be complacent about the knowledge that this is a pay and wait till you give up waiting scam.

This email was our last attempt to get in touch with “wish”, to offer there explanation as to why they feel it is correct, legitimate and not fraudulent business practices and why the web is crawling with disgruntled customers that have also been duped by the same ‘WISH SCAM’. before the article goes into print and viral

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Absolute global scam.

  • Wish Website A Scam
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