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Update by user Jun 17, 2018

Finally, Wish. com has offered a resolution to this matter.

They offered a resolution of the refund of the purchase price of the items I ordered. This is what I am told is a good faith offer. I still have issue with offer, yet it seems that nothing more can be done from this level of complaint or action. I will be getting in contact with the Department of Consumer Protection and Rights to see what more can be done about this issue.

I would be happy and agree with this resolution if it had been followed through with by Wish. com. Unfortunately the message stating their offer of resolution was written, word for word, like numerous messages that I have received from the support team. Another automated response bot in my opinion, one I would wager money on that I am right.

Maybe by chance I am wrong, I hope so. Well the problem with the good faith offer of refund has not been received. They have refunded less than half of my purchases and no refund on the shipping charges. So it seems they have found a way to steal from the consumer even when doing a refund of a purchase.

I did not receive any of the items I had been misled and blatantly lied to about the items purchased through admitted misleading and confusing advertisements. These ads are now no longer to be found except in the safe files of my pc, screen shots of the advertisement, order lists and confirmations that I saved. When I try to look at a specific item by clicking on it within the app or website,in my past orders list, I get an "ERROR 404" page or item unavailable. This happens with almost every item that I had ordered and purchased.

If anyone has any advise or an idea of what may help or a good next step to take I would be happy to hear it.

Thank you. Well onward to start a complaint with Consumer Protection and Rights office.

Update by user May 17, 2018

Despite many attempts to contact them to try to fix many more ordered items and find a resolution to the previous orders, they have yet to respond in any way other than by the auto-respond messages letting me know that they have received my questions. Since they seem uninterested in a fair resolution or at least replacement of the many items I have received that were the wrong items and basically being unwilling to accept any responsibility for the items sold within their website, I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Oakland, California. I hope that this will help in the end to resolve my issues as well as the numerous other consumers that have been wronged by wish .com or any other company that may be disregarding the rights and laws that are intended to protect the consumer from unethical sales tactics such as what has been done to myself.

Update by user Apr 24, 2018

I have been emailing with wish for the last couple of days with no resolution in sight with the support team. I have on the other hand received a few emails and messages from wish support team admitting that some of the advertisements were false and misleading.

However all they have said is, since the items have already been shipped I will have to wait for delivery of them, then take pictures of the items and packaging and send them to wish. And then they will help me move to the next step. Now they have started refunding the majority of items I have purchased without notifying me about their action. I have stated many times through email, that I do not want a refund.

I chose to wait up to 30 days for them contact the stores and have the item that I ordered sent again.This was their offer to me. They also stated that it might be best to take the refund and buy the same item from another store on, because the same store might send the wrong item again. That is when I explained to them that most items were supposed to be on sale (between free and 3 dollars) if I took the refund so as to purchase from another store I could not afford, so I chose to wait. Most items were on sale for 1 dollar and now I can not find some of the laptops, cellular phones, electric bicycles and a few other items for any less than approximately 300 to 500 dollars.

How is this fair of legal to me or any other consumer. Mark prices that far down giving the impression of a sale or markdown on price and when the wrong or different item is received or not received they offer a refund of what I had paid for the advertised item, so that I can buy the same item from another store on their website. That would leave me say 299.00 dollars short of the price. Come on, I am not an idiot.

Nor do I lack the common sense to see what is trying to be done through countless attempts and violation of laws and rights. Luckily I am smarter than they were hoping and took many screenshots of my orders, the description and pictures of the items I was purchasing. I learned a long time ago to always keep a record of my purchases. Especially when shopping online, and the main thing to know is to always know your rights when engaging in any actions involving other individuals and money.

Well I have tried my best to reach out to wish customer support, but they seem to be unwilling to make this right, despite the outright admittance, after investigating my claim, to want to come to a fair and reasonable resolution to this matter. That is alright with me, not really but I have to do whatever it is that I need to do. can not be allowed to continue this level of disregard of consumers rights and violate the laws and regulations which protect them.

contact me if you may find this useful in your own situation or if you have any good advice that could help me. than you.

Original review posted by user Apr 16, 2018

I made a purchase on, several actually. But this one order I had purchased a new cellphone for about 1 dollar and 2 dollars shipping. The order was processed and then shipped to me. My address was correct on the order form, I had double checked it and I was using a credit card. That making "checkout" verify that my address was the same as the billing address of the credit card. When I got notice of another item I had purchased had shipped I noticed that the cellphone that I had purchased for approximately 3 dollars had been delivered already. I had only ordered it about a week prior if it had been that long. So I clicked on the detail button/tab to get information because it was supposedly delivered on April 11th and it stated that it had been delivered and handed over to a person at the delivery address. Well as I was reading this , at home which is the delivery address on the order, I started thinking that was strange because today was April 11th. Then became a little frustrated at the delivered notice and for sending it to me. Because I check my mail everyday and this day April 11th other than being home all day working in my front yard, I had also spoke to my mail carrier who delivers thi route and even received my mail from them personally. I HAD NOT received a cellphone or a package from or one of the sellers on the website whatsoever,

So i began emailing customer support only to receive numerous automated messages and emails stating the same thing word for word excluding the support agent name, which was different 2 out of 3 messages I received from them. That's when I began noticing that when some of the items of which I had ordered and purchased, once the status would change from processing to shipped, some of the descriptions and pictures of the items on my confirmation of order place or receipt of transaction had been changed to show and describe cheaper items which i had not purchased or ordered, and would not have bought. So now I have approximately 9 orders , made up of about 30 items. Not even 2 hours after noticing the change of the first item that was switched for one I did not purchase and getting notice of a delivered package of which I never received I noticed numerous other item changes among other orders. So I began to contact Then I would wait on average 2 days to receive a reply from support.

After a few emails I receive one email in particular from customer support stating that they had investigated into my complaint of the cellphone that had been delivered to the wrong address and had found that in fact I was correct and that it was delivered to the wrong address. Quickly trying to put blame on the courier service as called it.(the mail I guess) is what was mean, unless they hired special service for this one cellphone delivery. Very unlikely since every item I have ordered from has come standard rate mail through the U.S. postal service. But he admits to me in this email how is in the wrong and the offers me a refund. Stating that i can buy the item from another store on First I paid a total of 3 dollars when I ordered the cellphone. I had already checked the website for another cellphone just like the one I had ordered only to find them selling for no less than 325 dollars give or take 50 dollars, just depending on the merchant. I explain to support my reasons why I do not want a refund and to purchase my item from a different store on the website, that would appreciate a replacement of the item of which I had purchased (the cellphone). It is for obvious reasons why I would want the item replaced and not refunded. Because now to buy the item again would cost 300 dollars or more compared to the 3 dollars I had purchased it for already.About a 297 dollar difference in the price. Just would not make sense to take a refund, plus someone needs to be held responsible for the immoral, unethical and unlawful thing that is continually doing to consumers on a very large scale and being allowed to get away with it.

Other than disregarding and outright and blatantly violating many regulations and laws governing what was put into action to protect the consumer and their individual rights as a U.S. citizen, the actions of are to say the least are morally wrong and targeted towards people that may not possess the ability, money or time to do anything to stop or claim a judgment in their favor. Not only do I feel threatened for the consumers who choose to do business with and on website. I feel that is committing a great in justice to its consumers of the world as well as breaking down the fundamentals of fair trade and distribution while at the same time violating U.S. laws and regulations and U.S. citizens rights to fair and just treatment as consumers. If anyone else within the United States of America was to do the same thing, but on a smaller level it would be considered robbery, theft or several other terms describing a malicious and criminal act of the same nature. And would be charged and prosecuted for such crimes, yet gets away withese crimes. I do not understand why.....but its unacceptable and I will not put up with it any longer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Shipping Service.

Reason of review: delivered to a different address than shipping address, poor customer support, unwillingness to resolve in a fair way,.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Wish Cons: Horrible experience, Lack of ethics and morals, Unwillingness to replace item purchased, Rude customer support, Disregard for laws and regulations.

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