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This is the Second time in a row that I purchased a Teepee tent for $43.00 on a deal of the day . The.

Next day my account was blocked and I couldn't get on the website .

When I did two days later I had a message saying teepee tent is out of stock I looked for another tent and found the same teepee tent and order it and ordered some items to make the tent a glamtent . throw rug, blanket, mini fridge, outdoor fire pit and I even was able to pick a gift and later on my Free gift was charged to my mom's credit card without me knowing and I don't think that was ok especially when it was free so I contacted them via email and I at the end wrote that I should get a gift card or something for the price of the gift.later that day I was looking through the website and I received a timed deal to buy flower seeds for planting at no cost ( I order them all the time) I started to order and I remembered that I had 2 wish list of flower seeds I was going to get.i clicked on the list time then ran out ??? and the total balance was $0.00 the next day for the second time I was blocked and still today 10 days I have not received any response from my email about my items I keep getting the same message that said I need to go through my emails and send the confirmation number I responded saying that they should have the information three days went by and still no response not a message so I emailed saying I couldn't believe I have not received any information nothing at all I got the same answer I got on line through my mom's phone and looked up the orders and my account had no history and I tried everything I could do to get help and I got no response I saw that the Teepee tent was on sale and took a screenshot and it has been on sale every day I have screenshot it every day finally my account came back with a message that I will receive a refund in 14 days I told them I would rather get the tent sent the screenshot and while this was going on l got a message saying today is your lucky day it was a silent deal that said I could buy the tent at a special price for a certain amount of time for $500.00 . I took a screenshot sent all screenshots to Wish support and got the same message that I was going to get a refund.

So I said I don't think that is good business I was given the discount to purchase anything that day and I should not be having to go through all this . the next email I sent I wrote that why was the tent the only thing that they were fixated on what about my other items and I found 3 of the email with the confirmation and I couldn't find the other two my mom said I didn't get confirmation emails probably because those are the free gift and the free flower seeds and I hope that is what happened and after I have sent the screenshot and the confirmation email and the lucky day deal screenshot it been two days and have not heard anything back from Wish not even a email saying that we are looking over your orders or we have shipping department looking or we have payment department looking nothing I just want my things and move on

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Wish Pros: Quality items, Sometimes you receive product.

Wish Cons: I did not like bad service no chat, Deceptive marketing, Will not answer emails and phone.

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